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July 17, 2018
5:20 PM
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Business Telephone Systems
Are you shocked and horrified every month when you have you deal with your office phone bill? All that money... and for what? You pay through the nose and you don't even have all the features that you really want. Why keep putting up with that old legacy system when you can leap ahead to the newest technology that gives you all the features you need and saves money at the same time.

Compare better business telephone options now...What Does VoIP Offer?
VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol takes telephone technology out of the 19th century and moves it up to the 21st century. Yes, those costly analog phone lines are the same one's that Alexander Graham Bell yelled at Watson through. VoIP, on the other hand, is designed to run on modern digital networks. Voice becomes a network service that supports many new automated features.

Why Cloud Hosted?
The "cloud" is a metaphor for highly efficient remote data centers that serve many clients. Your service provider takes care of all telephone switching equipment and the trunk lines that connect your business to the outside world. Cloud hosting is secure, efficient, flexible and very cost effective compared to maintaining your own equipment.

What Advanced Features Are Available?
You can have HD voice quality to improve understandability over the phone. Plus you'll have professional features like auto-attendants, "follow me" call routing that includes your smartphone, enhanced groups, transcribed voicemail, and as many phone numbers as you need. No need to pay someone to manage your phones. You can do it quickly and easily yourself using your Web browser. It's that user friendly.

Really Save Money and Get More Features?
That's what a lot of businesses are doing right now. Why stay stuck in the past when you can get the latest technology and take advantage of the cost savings too? Don't be frustrated, get cloud hosted VoIP business telephone service and enjoy modern voice communications.

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