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July 17, 2018
5:21 PM
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Cell Phone Service Providers
Did you know that you could save hundreds of dollars over carrier pricing when you order your next cell phone or smartphone online with a new wireless service plan? Carrier stores and big box retailers may tell you they have the lowest prices on the phone you want, but it only takes seconds to comparison shop. Chances are that you will save money as well as have more to choose from when you shop a variety of providers.

Which Cell Phone Service Providers?
You'll find one-stop shopping for the major US wireless carriers, including Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. These are not only major service providers, but they have a wide variety of service plans and dozens and dozens of the most up to date cell phones and smartphones.

What Types Of Plans Are Available?
You can choose from individual plans designed to serve one user, family plans with bundles of minutes that are shared among members of a family who each have their own phone, ability to add additional lines to the cellular service plan you have now, plus pre-paid plans for those who prefer pay-as-you-go.

What About Wireless For Computers?
The major cell phone service providers also offer data only services for use with laptop and notebook computers. You simply add those on to your voice plan.The advantage of these 3G and 4G wireless services is that you don't need to be in a WiFi hotspot to access the Internet. Many of the latest cellphones allow you to tether your other WiFi devices so that you don't need a seperate data plan.

Are Accessories Available?
Yes, they are. Shop for accessories designed to work with your particular make and model of smartphone. You'll find cases, sleeves & skins for your cell phone, as well as your laptop computer and tablet, plus speakers and more.

How Do Prices Compare With Stores?
In general, you can get your best deals when you shop online rather than in big-box or carrier stores. The wireless service plans are priced the same no matter where you get them. But you'll find outstanding special deals on the cost of your phone when you shop online. Why not shop and compare?

Shop Cell Phones and Service Plans Now.

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